Three Ways To Choose The Right Sleeping Bag For Your Next Camping Trip

The moment you start planning your camping trip, you know certain items will need to be taken to help you make your overnight stay in the outdoors more comfortable. In very cold temperatures, a sleeping bag is one of the most essential tools you can have with you. Unfortunately, walking into an outdoor store can present you with endless possibilities on sleeping bags. Maybe the point in sleeping outdoors is to become one with nature, but the right sleeping bag can mean the difference between being miserable and being at peace. [Read More]

How To Prepare An Emergency Medical Kit For Your Family's Camping Trip

If your family will be going on a camping trip this summer, then you need to take along an emergency medical kit. If you do not own a pre-built medical kit, then you should purchase a small duffel bag and place each of these items into it: Hand Cleaning Supplies Since you will be handling injuries, it is essential that you have the supplies on hand to properly wash your hands first. [Read More]

Already Rafted The Colorado River? Try These 3 Whitewater Hotspots

If you're a whitewater fanatic, and have already experienced the Colorado River, then you should be on the lookout for some fresh whitewater to experience. There are lots of rivers, not all of them as well known as the mighty Colorado, that have awesome whitewater and very beautiful scenery. Here are 3 lesser known rivers you should look into visiting. Middle Fork, Salmon River Idaho The Middle Fork has an amazing run of rapids. [Read More]

Types Of Camouflage In Hunting Outerwear And How They Work

For hunters, camouflage is as easy as putting on your hunting clothes you bought at the local sporting good store. For the companies that design the clothing, it is a scientific process. There are several ways that camouflage works, and different types of hunting clothes use these different techniques. Color Matching Color matching is the easiest way to create camouflage, but it is also the weakest. Color matching is simply wearing clothing that is the same color as your surroundings. [Read More]